Boxtied part 2 Mia Beth tied standing 1
Boxtied part 2 Mia Beth tied standing 2
Boxtied part 2 Mia Beth tied standing 3
Boxtied part 2 Mia Beth tied standing 4

After poor Mia Beth was grabbed and tied up in a really tight hogtie in “Intruder alert” and boxtied on a table in “Boxtie part1” she ends up tied standing in a boxtie in this video! All naked, crotch roped, gagged and nipple tied!


Mia Beth is led into the bedroom by a rope-leash tied around her neck, and has no choice but to follow her captor where he wants her to go. She is tied standing to her bed. The intruder than adds some more rope and a gag to the situation. She is gagged with a dental gag and a tight crotch rope is added to her discomfort. And yet again Mia Beth finds herself completely helpless. She is left standing, tied stand struggling, but she is not going anywhere!

Boxtied part 1 Mia Beth tied on table 1
Boxtied part 1 Mia Beth tied on table 2
Boxtied part 1 Mia Beth tied on table 3
Boxtied part 1 Mia Beth tied on table 4

Another video staring the stunning Mia Beth! In this one she is tied in a box tie on top of a table. Her legs are tied in a cross tie in front of her. After she believes there is no more of her to be tied up the intruder surprise her by tying up her precious nipples, and there is nothing she can do about it. After that the intruder gets tired of listening to her complaints so he grabs a ball gag and stuff it in her mouth to make her quiet. After she is left to squirm on the table a while the intruder comes back and ads even more rope to her predicament. She gets a rope over her shoulders and is tied tightly into a ball tie, still on the table. When the intruder starts to untie her she believes she is finally set free, but alas she is not! The intruder puts a rope around her neck and leed her into the other room by a leash to continue having hes way with her. If you also want to see what happens to poor Mia Beth in the other room pick up Boxtied part 2! And if you did not get the start of this story, where Mia Beth is grabbed and tied up onscreen in her bed, check out “Intruder alert”

Intruder Alert

MiaBeth 26:45 minutes and 50 images Bondage, Hogtie, Male Domination
Intruder Alert 1
Intruder Alert 2

Mia Beth is a stunning dark haired model and this is from her first shoot with In this clip Mia Beth is taking a nap peacefully in her bed when an intruder sneaks in to her bedroom and silently and carefully ties her wrists together without waking her. When Mia Beth does waken it is already to late! The intruder has her tied up and helpless!   The intruder wastes no time in getting some more rope on her, making her even more helpless. She is then stripped from what little clothes she have on, gagged and tied into a really tight hogtie with her elbows tied together and left to struggle. This story continues in Mia Beth Boxtie 1 and 2 Coming soon to